Monday, March 9, 2009

The 8th March

For any woman in Romania March is a special month. For me is a very special one.

I know in some different parts of the World there are certain traditions that are quite different and even here the stories related to this precise date varies. Now, on 1st of March we celebrate the symbol of the coming of spring.

8th of March is the International Day of Women, so, one more reason to celebrate.

On 9th of March it appears to be the day of the man. Some would say that those that have not a surname symbolizing a saint’s name are celebrating their “name” day. Guess what? I am not having a saint name. :)

Well, then is my birthday and my mothers as well, not to mention there are also some other birthdays too.

But this is not what I really wanted to story you about. So, here it is.

Today, I have celebrated my birthday with my family. I don’t know how, my mother told me something about a gift. Not that when I invite people to celebrate with me an event I expect gifts, but when I hear about planning, I become very curious. Yet she told me it would be something I have said I like a lot at some point. This was all it took me to hear to search my memory. I started wondering what it would be.

At some point it occurred to me that it might be a tree I have said I like a week or so before. I ranged my mother on the phone to ask her about it and she said not to think at the tree that it is not such a thing. Now she knew what it was even if she previously she told my quite the opposite, but even if I asked again she said no word.

Today I thought at another possible gift. Now, between us, I like lots of things. :)

With a few weeks before I have also said I like some pieces of Klimt’s work. I was about to rush calling my mother again but I have said to myself, hmmm they cannot possible think at Klimt. Even if it would not be a genuine thing, it would be too nice to hang something alike on one of my walls. A second thought was not to ask again in order not to make all of them feel uncomfortable about their choice. Maybe they have had something else in their minds.

When the gift was brought (I personally had not noticed when they brought it in) I started to laugh as it was a panel. Well it was not Klimt but I loved it anyway.

It had a nice story behind. They indeed wanted to offer me what I had imagined. Yet, they could not find the one they knew I like: the cat.

I started to smile as I knew they were confused. A few weeks ago while talking about this artist I have mentioned that Klimt had a cat. I am very found of cats so, they thought to give me that particular picture. Well, a picture with Klimt and his cat would have been as well great. I would not have minded.

I have to say their gift was great and I enjoyed it a lot and, as I have said before, I loved their gift as well. Here it is a detail of it in case you wonder about it.

Can you guess what it is?

Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Finally, I am 1 (one) year old. Guess what happened?

My relatives made me a party.

First, they fed me well so that to be in shape to run around. And I did and one of my guests was following me all the time. I am not yet let alone but be aware when that time comes!

So, let’s start with the begining. I do a lot of sports and anytime I have the chance, I fetch balls, wires and so on. And so I did at the party.

I preferred the world globe to a simple ball. I knew if I were smashing it on the floor, all parts of it would go apart. I was not wrong. My dad and my aunt had a hard time putting the pieces together again. Yet, it was fun for all of us.

Then, I have seen the phone on the couch. It was so colorful and so tempting.

Hmm, that grandfather of mine was trying to explain me how the phone works. Had he not noticed I already knew that? 

As all things are once interesting, I moved to the next attraction of the basket and I fetched it.

I still wonder what it is. Then my grandfather entertained me.

I went to sleep a little and, while I was sleeping, my guests prepared me a mask show.

I did not understand why they felt the desire to become giraffe or else. One thing was certain: Master Yoda was supervising everything.

But, why giving just details, the main atraction of the evening was my cake.

I hope everyone enjoyed it.