Sunday, October 25, 2009

Bruce Willis in "Surrogates"

Even thought "Surrogates" is not a brilliant movie, it has some strong points especially through the performance of Bruce Willis (more visible from both perspectives - surrogate and the human), make up and music.

The context: an utopia, an ideal world where people are living in the safety of their homes while surrogates are living their outdoor lives, no more dangers, no more threats. The outdoor world seems almost perfect, yet, the emotions are only showed and experience indoors. At some point something goes wrong - murders are committed against surrogates but has the effect of killing the operators (humans behind the machines).

The action: one human tries to solve the murders cases, discovers the plot behind it, fights it and change the course of history or, at list, make everyone ask themselves if a world with surrogates is a future choice or not. And, yes, people leave their homes or rooms where they lived so far. One of the human's wishes was to see his wife not her surrogate, understanding at some point that, that was not a life he was living. His wish come true at the end of the movie.

The best part of the movie was when the main character enters the outside world and faces the world as it become. There you can see Bruce Willis how disoriented he was getting in touch with a motion world and how different his character's figure is from all the others, showing some emotions. Even though the adaptation to this new reality is too fast (non realistic) it can be accepted considering it is a movie and the facts should occur to a faster level so that the audience not to lose interest.

The movie has its little humor even though hardly noticed. Agent FBI Greer (Bruce Willis) returns as a human at the place of work. A remark of one of his colleagues made me smile. I do not remember the exact line but the idea was Greer was looking bad (not in good shape as all his colleagues were used to).

Of course, as in every social or political aspect of every day life, there are the main movement (the surrogate world) and a small group of humans that oppose to the phenomenon. If this part was more emphasized or developed as a subject, the movie would have been more credible in spite of the commercial aspect.

Maybe with the advance of technology today it is not that hard to image a world like the one in "Surrogates". Yet, it was incredibly surprising that the robots were not thinking on their own. I guess, as an idea of a future robotized world, Asimov's "I, robot" make more sense but, on the other hand, it is more comforting knowing that the machines were not having a will of their own and they were controlled by the humans behind. Still, it links to the title very well if I think at the fact that a surrogate means something alike but not as qualitative as the one that replaces. One question haunts me even in this context: what if there were on the "hands" of an eaveler characters than the ones in this movie?

Well, I have to admit, as mentioned at the beginning, I loved the make up which was so great for all characters involved - surrogates and humans. You should see at list some photos from the movie. Too bad that on the official site of the movie I could not find more information on this or the music, except one video clip with Breaking Benjamin - 'I Will Not Bow' which you can see it below. Before letting you enjoy a piece of music / soundtrack I have to say I could not leave the cinema till all the cast and every details were over only to hear the music. I guess it was the part I enjoyed most.

Troy - Out There

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