Saturday, October 10, 2009

"The nightingale and the rose" by Oscar Wilde

With Marius Manole as the narrator, this story is performed at the National Theater in Bucharest.

It is not a classical play, I might say it is a recite of the one of Oscar Wiled's fairy tales for children. Though, no children in the audience.

It was in fact a spectacle of image, gestural dance, fairy tale decor and recite, everything minimized but sending a strong, emotional message. It was about love and sacrifices, obstacle, the barriers people put in the way of their happiness and the superficiality human nature posses in some contexts, as well, conditioning the future events.

Even though the light was not very well studied, the general impression was "it worthed seeing the play". The whispers, the feelings transmitted to the audience had a great impact on most of us. I think Marius Manole did it well this time too and if you have not seen him performing yet, try seeing this story and "The heart of a dog" after Mihail Bulgakov, also on National Theater in Bucharest.

Still more to come. :)


  1. It is indeed very great !. I don't know why but it is the last one that touched me the most. I imagine that in live on big screen that effect is really amplified.
    What is nice with such a style of communication, it is that it is International. No matter where you are, no matter what language you talk and you understand. everyone can feel it..

  2. it is also required to understand Romanian language