Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pika meets Maria

One day, not long ago, a little girl, Maria, visited us.

Who are we? We are a feline family – sister and brother, Pufa and Pika.

Who is she? Maria is our younger cousin.

Lucky me, she met Pika first.


Well, my brother is always a happy cat but this time, as I was looking at him, he seemed not to be pleased. He, actually, was deforming his left part of his face and I thought, he will become not welcoming to little Maria. You know, cats make their mood well known: content, annoyance, still-hunting tension and so on.

Suddenly, I laughed as he was in big trouble: Maria had caught his whiskers and he was trying to escape. What an image!

The good thing is that they succeeded on making acquaintance properly and no hard feeling were there anymore.

Here, in the photo below, Maria was looking at me, while Pika was approaching carefully. J

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