Saturday, October 17, 2009

"Pfitz" by Andrew Crumey

"Pfitz" is a mistake, a misunderstanding but, as all things are happening for a reason this leads to contradictions but also to learning the truth, finding out the real circumstances and facts and helps to clear things up.

Some paragraphs from the book are very suggestive from the point of view of things are not appearing as they seem to be.

"... It still haunts me the believe that everything is false in a certain sense, and every trying to understand and theorize the world and our condition within it is destined, even from the beginning, to be full of contradictions. ... I begin to suspect that the meaning is not a characteristic that can be reached through a process of reduction. It is something emergent, something that comes up in a manner impossible to be reduced to the sum of it's part. ..."

"... I know everything on this world constantly deceives me, with its subtleties, with its complexity that surpass the power of understanding and because, in reality, it is part of an uniform whole that is incapable of reduction and coverage. I know, as well, that the mind that works in this body is deceiving itself in the sense that creates images that are, if not false, anyway, hopeless deformations of a world that was not made yet to be inhabited of them. ..."

It is a book with overturning of circumstances and believes, a book with a few good ideas, a book that can be easily read on a break, on the way back home if you do not have time to read it on your spare time.

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