Wednesday, March 31, 2010

At ½ of 2010

Life in Bucharest can be very busy most of the time, and I am not reffering now to the traffic or working hours.

Depending on how one does enjoy spending ones time, there are plenty of places to reach.

I, for instance, was motivated to go to a photography exhibition the other evening.

The exhibition was entitled “At ½ of 2010” and it was suggestive for it was an event at the mid photography year for the poetic photography new students generation.

Even if they are only amateurs now and still need to improve their skills (style and techniques) the 27 students (or at list the ones I have noticed) were touched of the event and impressed of the large audience as they did not expected so many people to attend their first important event of the kind.

The exhibition had a mixture of themes and for this reason you could see a variety of photos – colored to black and white – showing animate or inanimate elements to reflections and shades or shadows, states and emotions like curiosity / attention to surprise, stillness to motion, action to non action, helplessness and so on, but, sure, those are only what I have perceived and not necessarily matching the authors intention or vision.
Sure, not all the pieces there were on my taste but everything is subjective and so am I.

Another thing that attracted my attention was that about 40% of the photos shown were having elements such as dogs and cats. They do are a presence of our every day life, so, they could not have missed from there. :)

Yet, as far as I have heard no more cats and dogs or chicken for the snapshots taken from now on, so, on the perspective of a new exhibition of the end of the year, I should expect the presence of these lovely creatures to be below 5%.

Here, on the links below, you can see a few of the photos presented there:


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