Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fantastic Symphony by Berlioz

Episodes in the Life of an Artist (Fantastic Symphony) is Berlioz' work composed when he was only on his twenties.

The symphony was written to express all Berlioz contradictory feelings related to being in love. In order to express himself by music as his letters for the loved one failed him, Berlioz breaks the classical pattern of orchestra symphonic music of his time. His work is known as a fine example of programmatic music where passion, beauty, harmony alternate with tenebrous, consuming and uncertainty.

If you combine the music with dancing, you see a spectacle that delights your hearing, eyes and heart. This is what one can enjoy at Romanian National Opera in Bucharest and even more. The show has its sad part as well as its fun moments. The search, the loneliness, the fuss, the social spectacle as well the rigid forms of work are well placed on stage.

At first sight, it could have been better if the continuous line of music and dance were not fragmented by words. Still, unexpected moments, breaks (desired or not) the harmonic course of certain things that are present in every day life, therefore, such alternations of dance, words and music made a complex that reflects  reality in all its aspects - good and not that good.

As in real life experience everything is filtrated by one's subjective perception, what better metaphor can be used in order to reflect deformed reality than the "mirror" one? You can see what you want but it might be not what you notice!

Yet, you may, indeed, see Razvan Mazilu, Bianca Fota, Dan Puric (if you are lucky) and Romanian National Opera's ballet.

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