Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Fourth Sister

One of my favorites actors at the moment is Marius Manole, an actor of great and rare talent from my point of view, an actor that shifts his physiognomy and mood naturally, with deep eyes, a touching voice transmitting a variety of emotions that allows him to interpret diverse roles.

Marius Manole along with Tania Popa, Mihai Calin, Mircea Albulescu and other actors, under the guidance of Alexandru Colpacci, succeeded to make Janusz Glowack's "The Fourth Sister" a play to remember and its subjects to be questioned.

This play has the advantage of approaching interesting subjects such as (but not only) social reality, political life, living in the past, living dangerously and unconscious till the point of risking others' life (dear ones or not, if for such persons there are strong feelings for family or friends more than for themselves), doing wrong and regretting when the effects are to be seen, dreaming to escape reality and, not the last, placing people and feelings above the material.

One reality of every day life was visible on this play: people talking but, actually, did not communicating. The dialog was, in fact, each one's monologue, rarely coming on the same "ground" as a subject and connection.

The good part of this play was the way it makes fun of such things. People should learn taking things easier and laugh more often of unsuccessful actions / bad events in their life. Obsessions and fixations leads to no good and tragedies. The music chosen (some fragments were Nirvana's songs), the succession of lines and light made some subjects to be more emphasized.

Well, if you are curious, just take your time to see the play at Romanian National Theater in Bucharest. I am sure you'll agree it worths it.

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