Sunday, December 21, 2008

Chrisman Party

I am happy to be a new member of my working team. Maybe I am not the newest in the company, but, as many, I guess, I have searched interesting activities and to fit better to work and enjoy every single thing I do there.

In my opinion, one should do what enjoys as work. By this, I do not mean to be restrictive because I genuinely believe one can activate in more than two professions and still be happy with what he/she is doing.

But this is not what I really wanted to say here.

As many traditions, at work, we celebrate Christmas or other events, with coworkers and so we did this Christmas.

At the beginning I did not intended to attend the party for a few personal reasons, some more or less objective.

Still, my colleagues succeeded in changing my mind and I was pleased. They made me feel part of the team from the first day there and, with every passing week or month, and so did on that day, when we went to the Christmas party.

I can only say I am glad I have made this change in my life.

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