Thursday, December 11, 2008

My niece, Maria

My niece, Maria, is about 9 months old. She is a happy child most of the time. I guess this happens because she feels the care and love of her parents and also of people around her.

All the times I see her, she is very found of her parents and my mother (her grandmother) and she reacts accordingly:  she laughs a lot, "speaks" and dance.

Here she is, as I see her most of the times:


  1. si seamna cu bunica ei, asa mi se pare mie cel putin :)

  2. :) cand o urmaresti se transforma, in functie de stare si de mimica. ba seamana cu Oana, ba cu tatal ei, ba cu bunicile. :) poate si cu tata (bunicul) ceva, din cand in cand.

  3. foarte draguta ... :)))
    si desteapta ... seamana cu tatal ei cred ;)