Thursday, December 11, 2008


I do not particularly like cold weather, as it is during winter, here, in Romania.

I know in Bucharest is not as cold as in other parts of the world or the country, but I still do not enjoy the cold rain, the wind or the snow.

In order the time to pass faster and more pleasantly, this time of the year, I prefer going to the theatre, going to concerts or do other social activities.

One of my favorite activities is listening to music, but not any kind of music. So, recently, I went to a jazz event at “ACT” theatre where very talented musician performed: Lucian Ban (pianist), Eric McPherson (drummer), John Hebert (bassist) and Cristian Soleanu (saxophonist).

I was impressed to find out that they are not only great musicians but also communicative and modest persons.

Here it is a not so good photo of John Hebert and Eric McPherson, taken on December 6th, 2008. (One should always have a camera with or a better incorporated camera on his/her phone!)

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