Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Life as a snap shot

I have the feeling time will never end, as well as for my relatives or friends. Unfortunately, I am not right in this respect: last week, my grandmother has passed away.

Have you had the feeling events just happen without you being able to react or to be aware of what is going on? Or have you ever had the impression that some moments of life are shifting with high speed, they seemed unreal, yet they happened and you become conscious of everything around you only after a few days, weeks or months?

Some would say in such moments time passes harder and even if you are focused on the event, you feel detached. This is because too many emotions lived and perceived at that moment.

Maybe so, yet, I think one is trying to avoid thinking too much of what future will bring for his / her family and oneself – the inevitable end.

The hope for everlasting lives in mind along with other thoughts related.

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