Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Books, context and life

Recently, I have read a book that made me ask myself how much reality you can find in a story and how much fiction there is in there.

One can see a lot of events on the news, terrible ones, and by comparison, books sometimes seem innocent descriptions of unfortunate events. Yet, they have in common tragedies that, in my opinion, should never occur.

Some say we draw such events in our lives but I wonder in what degree or if it is true?

But coming back to the book, it is about a man that was deprived of his liberty. The fact he was physically captured and kept in a very restrictive area, is obviously not a question of drawing such event upon him. The way he lived his life is more related to the rescue attempt and its success. As he did not let any track of him and his voyage made him untraceable.

In such circumstances one wonders – Was it good? Was it wrong? What was wrong? Why? What’s the meaning of it? What can be done? Was it done by my hand?

The book is more a reflection and manifestation of will of the captive man. Here it is a bit of his thought:

“Yes … Not to have been that letter …. As even dreams have the gift sometimes to show you the truth in their way, once he reached here, it had no point fooling himself. He had enough of excuses. All left behind was dead. He did them by his hand.

As for his present vacation, he had adopted an extremely secretive attitude and, in purpose, came there without confessing any colleague the destination of the trip. And it was not all about the silence, but the fact he did his best to make things in misery, consciously. … “

From another perspective, the story is about people who just because they want to control destinies choose for others and constrain them to follow their will, even if there was a reason behind it. When it comes to something like that, there rise always the question - are purposes excusing the means?

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