Sunday, September 20, 2009

"George Enescu" Festival

It gets harder and harder to talk about this event that happens onces at two years. This is because, every evening happens more and more and the delight and enjoyment grows proportionaly every time. It is true I have attended only the Great Orchestras evenings so far, but, tomorrow, beside the usual, I intend to make it even to a special event: LUCIAN BAN & NEW YORK ENESCO PROJECT.

This week was fantastic and when I think there is one more day of it, I can hardly wait tomorrow to come. I particularly loved it because of the piano accent of some evenings but not only for that. When I think of so many talented musicians any of the people attended this huge event has seen and listened, I sometimes cannot believe how fortunate we are to have this festival here, in Bucharest.

I do not know what the Festival means for any of them but I guess they wouldn't have attended it unless they were found of Enescu's work as well. I am happy I have seen and listened not only great Romanian musicians (Dan Grigore - pianist; Horia Andeescu - conductor, Alexandru Tomescu - violin, Horia Mihail - piano, Razvan Suma - cello, etc.) but also others famous ones from all over the World (Helene Grimaud - piano, Joshua Bell - violin, Nigel Kennedy - violin, and so on).

But this is not what I wanted to tell you about. In fact, I wanted to story a bit about this evening which was really special. This evening was about "Oberon" (Weber), Symphony no. 100 (Haydn) and Symphony no. 8 (Dvorak).

I do not know if "Oberon" was ever linked to the Amber series (Zelazny) or vice versa but it suited the character "Oberon" there and to the basic idea of the stories - a mighty ruler and a World of our own, made by our pattern just for us and our family, and any external interference will unbalance it even to the point of destroying it. Even the conflicts between relatives might bring its extinction unless alternative solutions and working together one with another may help.

The idea of the pattern, its creation, the shifting of it imply a huge capacity to understand its most basic existence, the fragile harmony, the influence and interference, the emotions, the changing, the growing and even falling, and this was what ROYAL CONCERTGEBOW ORCHESTRA AMSTERDAM conducted by MARISS JANSONS has done the entire evening, starting with "Oberon". Needless to say no other evening so far at the Palace Grand Hall made the audience raise and all the performance has grown and grown and when I left, beside being happy of being part of it I have felt sorry for it ended so fast. There is still hope - tomorrow they are there again, I am sure, with more surprises as they have been very resourceful this evening.

Beside enjoying it, it is said in a way because with the passing days, we are approaching its ending and when I think that there is only one week more to go I start to feel sad already. For certain after it, there will be an empty space that will be filled only with the hope two years will pass fast enough to the next festival.

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