Sunday, September 27, 2009

End of story

As all good things comes to an end, so it happened Saturday evening with George Enescu Festival.

For about a month it seems like living in another world, a better world  where nothing mattered but the euphorically state and the happiness (seemed a lot like a hypnotic state) that filled up my soul and seems to persist even after its end. I wonder for how long it will last and how taught it will be coming back to the every day reality.

Sill, I have to say I appreciate a lot one of the festival's sponsors (event hough I am aware of the fact that all of them were important and without them probably the festival would had been to a lower extent), a sponsor that made, in a way, a bit easier the ending of this event. Now I am talking about that sponsor that offered gifts at the end of the shows - CD and books.

Even from during the festival, I was curious to read one of the books received and this was for, sometimes, I was having a few moments for reading during the breaks. So, I have started to read "Pfitz" by Andrew Crumey. It was really interesting to discover a few ideas that might apply to history itself. This book can make one wonder about the reality and facts that are storied in historical books, biographies or else. It also make one ask about how much is hazard and how much one can influence the present, the future or even the past. Which purposes may excuse such influences or is it right or fare and is it, till the end, allowed by destiny all that to happen? But well, I am only at the beginning of the book and everything may turn around by the end. So, I am anxious to see what other ideas or contexts are brought to attention by the author.

And just because my attention has been drawn to something else, in a way related to the festival, might be a good thing and makes the festival's closure for this year to be easier. And, yes, when I think of all the others book I have to read for some time now, it makes me happy already and eager to finish Pfitz and start reading something of Tolstoi or Kafka. But about that and more, I will story you at the right time.

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