Tuesday, September 8, 2009

"Geroge Enescu" Festival

Starting with 30 August 2009, for about a month, "Gerge Enescu" Festival is the most important event in Bucharest.

It's program includes "Opera and Ballet" series, "Romanian Music of the 20th Century" series, Midnight concerts, "Enescu and his contemporaries" series, "Chamber Music" series, "Great Orchestras" series and "Classical music in jazz arrangements" series.

As George Enescu Festival has already started, it was expected the night series for "Great Orchestras" to start as well.

Today, the first concert of the "Great Orchestras" series begined with Ludwing Van Beethoven.

MAXIM VENGEROV regarded as one of the world’s most dynamic artists, had conducted the "GEORGE ENESCU" PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA for this event. Seeing conductors, one can wonder where do some have that much energy from?

The program for the evening included Overture "Leonora III" op. 72a, Triple Concerto for piano, violin, cello and orchestra in C Major op. 56 and Symphony no. 5 in c minor op. 67 and, as expected it was a delight to hear them.

I cannot say I know music but I love the effect music have on me. Based on the sounds, armonies etc. one cand live different moods so suddenly shifted, not to mention where the waves of sound can lead one's imagination.

Still, the best part of the entire event was the participation of the Romanian Piano Trio - ALEXANDRU TOMESCU – violin, HORIA MIHAIL – piano, RAZVAN SUMA – cello. Their performance was like a sort of conversation, competing eachother, susteining eachother and debating one with another.

As I find music fascinating, sometimes I wonder if music can hypnotize as it seems hypnoze to lead you into another reality.

For anyone curious to hear a little bit of the Romanian Piano Trio, here it is a piece of it (not a quality one as sond and image though).




  1. Can you find out what they played at the encore? It was beautiful.

  2. Wonderful world I would like to discover more in details..