Thursday, September 17, 2009

Joshua Bell

When I have heard Joshua Bell will come to George Enescu Festival, I said to myself, this will be an event that cannot be missed. Therefore, Saturday evening, I went to the concert very confident it will be a night to remember.

I was not wrong, considering the previous experience from two years ago when I have heard him interpreting live for the first time.

Probably it is due to several main factors that when Joshua Bell is there, the success of the event is obvious: a great, if not one of the most qualitative, Stradivarius violin, an immense talent and skill, a lot of sensitivity and a delicately approach of the interpretetion.

For Saturday evening, maybe the Spanish Symphony by Lalo added a plus to the entire evening and success - every sound of the violin seemed to float into the air, sending vibes and emotions not only dreams.

You can try listening also Joshua Bell playing Ave Maria

Maybe a visit to his site will inspire you more, especially accessing the section "Listen"


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