Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Nigel Kennedy, Charles Dutoit and Royal Philharmonic Orchestra London

It is hard to talk about what happened at George Enescu Festival, Friday evening, after so many were written on the press.

To tell you the truth, for such experiences I honestly do not believe words can actually describe the event.

It is useless to tell you how wonderful this evening was and how fast it passed because of the fascination of the sounds and interpretation of all pieces selected for the evening.

Enescu's Romanian Rhapsody opened the evening and Ludwig van Beethoven's Concerto for violin and orchestra made a great closure of the evening.

Should the concert kept on, I am sure all the audience would have been able to spend their entire night there.

I guess the secret was Nigel Kennedy after all, that added a little spices in the performing.

I really do not know what the truth is, but I hope someone to make me understand how a concert and a soloist, no matter of what instrument it is, is actually conducted: the conductor and the orchestra has to follow the soloist or the soloist has to follow the conductor and orchestra? I personally incline to believe it is the first one and, if so, Nigel Kennedy marked the day and added a fun note to the evening and the atmosphere was more relaxed than tense and serious.

As a plus add to the evening was the bis of Nigel Kennedy, as he interpreted an adapted song of Maria Tanase's. Searching the internet, I was even surprised to find this interpretation:

Tribute to Maria Tanase

I hope you will enjoy it as well.

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